Ace Fontana pool party
Mustache Harbor during a recent pool-party themed sold-out two night run at the historic Bimbos 365 club in San Francisco.

Ace Fontana is the mustachioed smooth yacht rocker persona of Aaron Harris. He was born in the sign of water (actually, he’s an Aquarius), and it’s there that he feels his best. The albatross and the whale are his brothers, along with the swarthy crooner, Bray Fontana.

Aaron has been performing professionally since he was 16, when he started singing at country music opry shows in the midwest and southern states. After a short-lived recording contract in Nashville in the mid 90s, he set sail for the San Francisco Bay Area and has been seen by thousands of fans performing with multiple bands, including: Next of Kin, RetroRockIt, Rockbox, Total Eclipse, West Grand Boulevard, The Urban Outlaws, and others.

He currently resides in Burbank, CA.

About Mustache Harbor


Mustache Harbor performed at the 2017 Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco. Photo: Daniel Swan

Mustache Harbor is San Francisco’s original yacht rock party band. Covering a wide variety of smooth radio hits from the late 70s and early 80s, they have been gently rocking fans all over the country for nearly a decade.


Mustache Harbor is represented by Swan Entertainment and booking inquiries should be directed there.

Aaron/Ace has wide vocal and style ranges and is available for substitute opportunities or smaller experience performances. The contact page should be used for these inquiries.